Thursday, May 10, 2018

Entries: Nakk on Saturday, TItan on Sunday

Our Miss Nakkertok is over her illness and has been training. She is back racing on Saturday. She drew the 1-hole (yay) but she ended up in a combined NW1/NW2 field so she's in pretty tough.

Northern Titan was none the worse for wear after his altercation. I saw on the replay that he never actually went down although Nathan went for quite a skid. He was trying to hang on the the reins so that Titan didn't get loose.

The latest on Jim Marino is a fracture of the kneecap and facial lacerations. He's hoping to return to action mid-June, in time for the regionals of the Driving Championship.

Titan and Shelly out for a jog this morning.

The weekend forecast is FANTASTIC - get out for a visit if you can!

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