Thursday, April 26, 2018

Entries for April 28-29

Nakkertok is entered for Saturday and Titan's race goes Sunday.

Last week's race by Nakk was really disappointing, but we soon found out why! Our little lady turned out to "hab a vewy vewy bad code" *SNIFFLE SNIFFLE*


This was her on Sunday morning with a runny nose and quite literally falling asleep while nibbling her hay. She couldn't keep her eyes open. I should have switched to video, it was rather comical, to be honest.
I know that feeling. Poor gal.
It's quite possible she may be scratched this week if she's still under the weather.

Northern Titan went so much better even though it might not appear so on paper. He got away well, was right up with the leaders throughout ... and then the horse right in front of him tired badly and Titan was trapped behind with nowhere to go as the outside flow had already started up.

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