Thursday, August 17, 2017

This 'n' that - and what lies ahead for the Club

I have included a few pictures of Make Some Smiles with last year's winner Dexter Dunn in the bike from the World Driving Championship last Saturday. She was always going to have a tough time in that race after drawing the 7 in an 11-horse field. She actually managed to put in a nice little move for a while when she had a bit of daylight. On the upside all participating horses, regardless of placing, received a minimum $400.

Her next outing is this Saturday. She's in Race 9 at 4.14 pm and has the 6-hole.

It looks like Blue By You might be getting the weekend off. He was entered for Sunday but is listed as the "AE" (also eligible) in the 8th. We would need an early morning scratch out of that race for him to draw in.
He raced SUPER last weekend, a hard-charging second in a close finish and looked great doing it!


Looking ahead, the last day of the racing season (and the Racing Club) here at Century Downs is Saturday September 9 and it's approaching much too fast! After that the horses move to Edmonton for their fall/winter meet. They return in the spring of 2018.

When we took in Make Some Smiles from Gary Clark after his motorcycle accident in the spring, the agreement was that it was only for the season and he would be taking her back.

Outlaw Blue By You will be looking for a new home. He has steadily improved from his rather humble beginnings and we're all very proud of him. He's turned into a pretty reliable racehorse!

We've started reviewing some possible scenarios for him. Obviously, the first option would go to any Club member (or group of members) who wish the make the step to actual ownership.
After all, that IS one of the many purposes of the Club!
Reasonable offers will be considered and both of our trainers have mentioned that they may be open to partnering with a group from the Club.
Our other option is that he would be listed 'for sale'.
There are lots of possibilities and we're still in the planning stage.

If you are interested or have more questions please contact me at my email

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