Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Blue's Win Picture

Outlaw Blue By You won in a romp (setting a new lifetime mark!) on Monday Jun 26 which leaves us the difficult position of where to race him next.
Race replays are available on the Century Downs website.
He had dropped into a claiming race to do that. He still fits the NW/2 claiming (because Alberta-breds are allowed an extra win) but the claiming box has been very active of late and there would be a decent chance we might lose him.
He also fits the 'straight' NW/2 . Those horses are a little faster than he has shown thus far but he continues to improve. As well this week many of the others will be entered in the Sires Stakes races instead, so we might even find a soft spot.

The draw for NW/2 is done. Poor Blue drew the 7-hole. He is in on Sunday Race 10. Post time is 4.37 pm.

Make Some Smiles went on Saturday and while, at first glance, it may seem like she didn't do particularly well I am actually quite pleased with her. She was much more engaged and is learning to race on the outside.When we got her she was really only competitive if she had a great post position and a perfect covered-up trip sneaking up the rail. We could be waiting a long time if she is expecting THAT, lol!! So, seeing her make some progress and, better yet, still coming on after being wiped out by a breaking horse in the last turn was very encouraging.
This week she's in to go on Saturday Race 8 and drew the (sighhhh) 7-hole. Post time is 3.51pm.

Also, on Saturday, note that Races 9 and 10 are at a distance of 1 1/16. Keeping things interesting!


  • Win pictures are available from the OTB for $10 and the mailed ones are $13. I've sold out of the second win pictures we had done so let me know if you're coming in for one. Some who requested the first victory never came for them so I have too many of those.

  • I've totally disabled the "email subscriptions" feature as the bots were too busy for me to keep up - ggrrrr. I will continue to send out reminder emails to everyone to check the blog.

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