Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sunday Race 1 for Blue

Outlaw Blue By You is back in on Sunday. Race 1, post-time is 1.10pm.
He drew the 3-hole in another short 6-horse field.

Last week there had been some work done on the track and Blue didn't like it one single bit.
Our trainer, Darryl, suspected that it might not be to his liking and he was correct. As soon as Jim Marino came off the track that was the first thing he said.
Blue found the going to be loose and a little deep and had difficulty getting a nice confident stride going. There were a number of horses "voicing" their complaints! Most have a preference for what they want to feel under their feet.

So far this week the track appears to be better-packed and hopefully more suitable for him.
The weather forecast looks unusually good (considering it's the May-long). See you on Sunday!

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