Friday, April 14, 2017

Big day Saturday April 15

NOTE: I've tried 'pushing out' this out to the subscriptions 3 times today.

 Our new horse, Outlaw Blue By You, will be qualifying. Qualifiers begin at 12 noon. He only had two starts as a 2yo and broke stride both times. We know that he was 'hitting his knee' (meaning that the front left foot would be clipping his right knee on the way forward) and that is obviously distracting to a horse. Despite that he showed a lot of promise and was put away for the rest of the season. This year, as a 3yo, he has still shown some of that tendency but so far seems no have no inclination to break stride. In any case, it's not an ideal situation and Darryl has been trying shoeing changes and equipment changes and so far we're seeing a lot of progress on that with continuing improvement.
I've watched him train numerous times and am excited to see how he goes in company.

Warrawee Rap is obviously struggling so far this year and has been a bit of a puzzle. This weekend we've dropped her in class from 'straight' Non-Winners of 2 (NW2) and is in the NW2 Claiming $6000, which is presumably easier company. This is a good time to learn what a Claiming Allowance is. When you look at the program or the entries you will see that even though it is written as Claiming $6000 the claiming price beside her name is $9000.
Most racing jurisdictions use the claiming allowance system to a) protect young horses from changing hands too often and b) give fillies and mares (potential breeding stock) a fairer market value.
A description of the Claiming Allowances follows:

  • TWO-year-olds 75%
  • THREE-year-olds 50%
  • FOUR-year-olds 25%
  • FILLIES and MARES receive an additional 25% allowance in claiming races
Rap is a 4yo mare so a base claiming price of $6000 + 25% ($1500) + 25% ($1500) = $9000. If she was a 5yo the claiming price would be $7500.

We'll see how she goes against lesser company. She is in Race 4 but drew the outside 7-hole.
Post-time is 2.16 MDT.

Good racing everyone. I am sure that SPRING will arrive at some point in time!

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