Thursday, March 23, 2017

New addition!

I'm out of the country on vacation for another week but am thrilled to announce the addition of our second horse and trainer for the 2017 season.

The purchase of Outlaw Blue By You should be complete by this weekend and he will in the care of Darryl Cutting.
I watched him train before I left and was very pleased. He's a decent-sized 3yo and moves with confidence. He raced twice as a 2yo and managed a 5th-place finish for his breeder Connie Kolthammer. She has always had high expectations of him and we do too. He should look to be ready to qualify within just a few weeks, he's already pretty close.
I have always liked a 3yo who had a start or two at age 2 then is put away. I don't care how they race at 2, it's the experience factor.

His barn name was Penny although I cannot imagine calling him anything except "Blue".
Penny - because his dam (mother) was Penny Lace. She was a decent mare in these parts for many years. However, I'm old enough (gulp!) to remember his grand-dam, Raschel Lace. She was an excellent racehorse, one of the top Open mares in BC for quite some time.

Penny/Blue is an absolute sweetheart and loves attention. He is a bay gelding with a star and one white hind foot. I'll post pictures when I get home.

I don't have confirmation but I presume that Rap will be in to qualify this weekend, meaning that her first start will be the April 1 weekend.
As it stands the closing date for Club applications remains March 31.

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