Thursday, July 14, 2016

Future of the Racing Club

Hi everyone.

Well.... with the unexpected loss of both horses, we've decided to end the 2016 edition of the Racing Club early.

Here are our plans:

  • as you already know, Luna has been sold as a broodmare prospect

  • Century Downs has decided to retain ownership of Warrawee Rap with the intention of racing her as one of the Club horses in 2017. We feel that she has a lot of potential on the Alberta racing scene. She will have all the time she needs to recover and get back into training next year. 

  • keeping Rap also means that we only have to shop for one horse next year (and all the inherent question-marks and risks that come with that). Though no fault of Luna's, except poor timing, we realize that Rap stamped herself as the "Club horse" and everyone will be happy to have her back and follow her progress. On a side note, Luna owned MY heart, such a lovely lass.

  • Century Downs has graciously taken over Rap's boarding bills as of mid-July (instead of Aug 31) with the result being that there will actually be a small payout coming back to all our investors (yay!)

  • looking ahead to the 2017 Century Downs Racing Club - the cost will again be $250 (with first offering to this year's members). I will email the applications out in December or January. Please keep me informed of any change to your info. The actual race-dates for Century racing in 2017 won't be known until after the HRA meetings in late October but we'll be ready! Our goal will again be 100 members with a maximum of 200

  • we are very proud to be the first Racing Club in Alberta and the first Standardbred Racing Club in Canada. Many thanks to our G.M. Paul Ryneveld for the initiative, to Century Downs Racetrack and Casino for its extraordinary support and, of course, to our racing fans who weren't afraid to jump on board. There's no doubt that we experienced the highs and lows of racing. I am confident that 2017 will include many trips to the winner's circle !

  • I want to arrange a dinner get-together for our Club members that are in the area. It seemed difficult to get everyone together on race-days as everyone has their favourite hang-out.
    I am looking at a weeknight in August and will have a chat with the Chef to see what is yummy and wrangle some group pricing. Stay tuned....


  1. Thank You Shelly, for all you did and do, for the Club!!! You, by far, helped make the Club sucessful. All the best to Luna and looking forward to seeing Rap next season.

  2. Awww. Thanks, Nicole and everyone else. I've received so many really nice comments and quite honestly it makes me all sniffly. Guess I'm not great at accepting compliments *blush*.

    I think you all know that horse racing is near and dear to my heart and this project is a great opportunity to share that. Onwards!

  3. This was a great experience and I will be back next year. Thank you Shelley, your contributions made the club what it is.