Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What have we here?

So I get a text today. Didn't recognize the number.

It said "PSSSST! guess who?"

accompanied by this:
It appeared to be a horsie-selfie.

I dutifully make my way over to the barn and ....
And wow, does she look GOOD. All suntanned and smooth.
Seems that needing that bit of surgery was a blessing in disguise.

She's been jogging at the home track and is ready to start training down with an eye to qualifying in a couple of weeks. Hooves-crossed!

Hey, I discovered one of her oddities today. After she drinks some water she neglects to put her tongue back in for a while. A little kooky but we like it.


  1. Looking great Luna. Good to have you back! Hooves crossed to be racing soon.

  2. Luna is looking much closer to a real grown-up mare now. Still on the smallish side, but more filled out. She's in Rap's old stall, the 3rd one in on the right.