Saturday, April 9, 2016

Reading the Program April 9

It really should be down to just Rap and Joyful Sound. It's hard to make a case for anyone else in there.
The one scenario I can see that hurts Rap a bit is that there isn't a lot of front-end speed in the race and so she can't afford to let JS have it all her own way. Rap will either have to be much closer to the pace than she normally is or make an early move to take over the lead herself.
On the other hand, Joyful made a charted break "X" last time, so she has to be careful. Two breaks in a row means she has to requalify.

By the way, pay attention to Race 9. That is the FM NW/2 - the next stop for the winner of this race.

We will see you this afternoon! Hopefully in the you-know-where :)

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