Wednesday, April 13, 2016


From Rap:

I will be taking this weekend off. I've been racing hard and feel I would like to just hang out and catch up on some reading before taking on the NW/2 class. Maybe fit in a massage and facial .... you know .... Princess-type stuff.

From Luna:

After re-injuring my front left the doc and Gerry have decided it's best to give me a total break for at least a month. Yes, I'm disappointed too and believe me, stall-rest is soooo boring. I have been petitioning for Netflix but my pleas have been ignored. They already took away my HPI betting account. Turns out that "betting on the greys" isn't really a great wagering strategy. Who knew? *sniff*

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a great plan, ladies!

    Rap, you sure deserve the rest and have made us proud! Can't wait to see you ready to go again.

    Luna, you take care of yourself and I have no doubt you'll be a comeback Queen! Oh, and don't stop betting on the greys. My mother always told me "never bet against a grey". They may not be your top pick, but you will get one who will surprise you!

    PS, there's four greys in the leaderboard for this years Kentuck Derby.

    Have a great weekend!