Wednesday, March 30, 2016

UPDATE on both - plus Saturday Entries!

I stopped by the barn for a visit this morning before coming to work.

Rap will be in the box this coming weekend, I will update this page after the draw.
She didn't win last week so she still fits the Maiden class (Non-Winners of 1).

She's feeling really good, been pretty rambunctious in her stall. Gerry has been doing some work on her back end and playing with her shoeing a bit. We'll see how she goes.

Luna reports that she's feeling no soreness and has been jogging and leading. She'll start training down with the aim of qualifying the weekend after this (April 9-10) if she continues to go well.

They each got lots of rubs and scratches (Luna loves having her ears done). They're both so personable!
Rap - ever the princess

SATURDAY APRIL 2 >>>> YAYYY! we drew the 1-hole (aka the rail). Some of the same faces from last week along with a few new ones. We're listed in the morning line as the lukewarm favourite at 5/2.
You can see that there is an "AE" (Also Eligible) -  that means that more than the maximum 9 allowed entered the race. If someone were to withdraw from the race prior to Scratch Time (Saturday morning) the "Also" would draw in. The AE races from the post position of the scratched horse but is still sold as #10 in the program.

5 -- Pace, purse $5,500 (EX, SF, TR)
Post time: 02:38 P.M.         
   1 Warrawee Rap                       G Hudon             G Hudon               5-2                    
   2 *Top It Up                         D A Kelly           C Reid                9-2  
   3 Joyful Sound                       H Haining           H Haining             3-1                    
   4 Idonthurtanymore                   W Tainsh Jr         W Tainsh Jr           4-1                    
   5 Outlawburntpopcorn                 N Sobey             R Starkewski          7-2                    
   6 Jazzy Jay                          K Hoerdt            K Hoerdt              8-1                    
   7 Mystery Mania                      K Clark             K Clark               6-1                    
   8 Exclusive                          M Hennessy          S Arsenault           5-1                    
   9 Mystery Affair                     P Giesbrecht        P Giesbrecht          6-1                    
 AE1 Mods Mystery                       A Arsenault         A Arsenault         


  1. Love the Club, and hearing nothing but positive responses. Shelley you're doing a fantastic job on the site, keep up the great work!!!!
    Cheri Finch, Manager of Teletheatres, Century Bets!

  2. *blush* Thank you, Cheri. Still learnin'!
    I love doing it, anything that gets more people involved in 'my' sport and the horses themselves.