Friday, March 25, 2016

RAP'S WRAP - Race One for the Club

Again with the snow this morning. What's with that?!? It was long-gone by race-time but the moisture left the track a little off, it was rated "good".

The start of the race was oddly scrappy with very few actually up to the gate. Rap was outside for a bit at the start, hoping for a better spot on the rail but only managed to slide in around 7th.
The race never did seem to have much flow so she really had to work hard, moving to the outside fairly early, even 3-wide for a good portion.
Rap and Phil managed to find the front in the final turn but were hauled in late by the favourite.
Despite the rough pretty rough trip she didn't give up easy coming down the lane and no one else was a threat to the top two.
She struggles on the turns, needing to be steadied, but looks pretty darn nice when she has a chance to get rolling on the straightaways.

All in all really quite a feat considering she hasn't raced in two months. We're pleased.
Turning to the gate

Look at me!
A Princess, through and through!

I have a few more pics but I'll have to work on them later.
Anyone else have any (including group member pics), email them to me at

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